Introducing esthechoc by Elle L


Image credit: Dawn-Marie Jones @stoyanovandjones

esthechoc by Elle L

'I'm delighted to begin working with a brand that combines the luxury and decadence of chocolate with genuine beauty benefits from high potency antioxidants. I'm looking forward to creatively collaborating and to share my enjoyment and experience of esthechoc – it's one of the best chocolates I've had to the pleasure to try. I hope others can find out more and try the beauty of esthechoc for themselves.'

Elle L is a 360 artist who sings, writes, models and directs — she has worked with Copenhagen Fashion Week, Balmain and CNN on bespoke projects, and more. Her second single 'Circles' is the new sound of Lacoste Pour Femme. She steps into the spotlight with the demeanour of a hyper- intelligent, highly-functioning artist. Her incredible range of creative talents and genre-defying music make her one of the most exciting future-pop stars of today.

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