Golden Skin Programme

Spring-Summer 2018

Elle L
celebrity, singer & songwriter
in association with
Dr Rita Rakus
Cosmetic Doctor to the Stars

"Esthechoc is the first beauty supplement in the form of a vegan friendly chocolate. Due to the advanced technology and antioxidant properties formed in the active ingredients, esthechoc is clinically proven to regain skin health and provide optimum results when supplementing daily. You can try the chocolate in our clinics and it's something everyone can enjoy as part of a healthy regime." - Dr Rita Rakus

"Esthechoc is a revolutionary way to keep skin glowing. It's delicious, low-calorie chocolate and a healthy treat to enjoy once a day... I enjoy mine as breakfast or a late-night treat and it's also perfect to have when I'm creative in the studio or with friends! It really is a dream supplement and a great addition to all skincare regimes." - Elle L

Esthechoc - the world's most famous beauty skin supplement in the form of dark chocolate

Esthechoc has received worldwide press for its delectable beauty benefits. Voted Huffington Post's no.1 anti-ageing product and as featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie Clare and more - this chocolate is revolutionary in its ability to deliver amazing results for your skin in a supplement that tastes good.

After ten years of scientific study and research, the team at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies have created the world's first clinically proven anti-ageing chocolate. Packed full of powerful antioxidants industry experts now pen esthechoc as the 'holy grail' of beauty-medicine; a chocolate that is enjoyable, healthy, does not raise insulin levels and helps to regain skin health in just three weeks. Better still, optimal results can be seen when eating the chocolate daily, which is music to the ears of brand ambassador, singer/songwriter, Elle L.

Esthechoc is all natural, GMO free, vegan, absolutely delicious and only 38 kcals per piece!


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